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FLYING FISH & COU COU – A deputy isn’t essential

marciadottin, [email protected]

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A CALYPSONIAN many years ago sang about the necessity to have a deputy.
But he could hardly have expected that many years later a certain individual would be encountering much headache in finding a deputy, even though he has been making the offer for one.
Word is that the individual has been calling up the person  who would be the ideal choice to fill the role, but has been getting no answer.
In fact, the individual has pointedly indicated that hell will freeze over first before any approaches are accepted.
But as is often said, time longer than twine, and the individual, who is intent on playing hardball, knows that an ace is very firmly placed up the sleeve, just waiting for the appropriate time to be played.
Jumping ship
 SOME cynics are saying that no one should be fooled by a recent manoeuvre.
They are claiming that a certain individual took the jump before he got a very heavy shove in the back.
The man who will call the shots is not known to be an admirer of the jumper, who most suggest is highly overrated and a master in his own mind.
If anyone has any doubt about how he is perceived by the person running the show, he or she should reflect on a description he once gave of the jumper.
Playing mind games
A few insiders are suggesting that a maverick be taken to Black Rock and be given certain specified “shots”. A particular event has not yet even taken place and already this known troublemaker is acting up.
He has suddenly emerged from the shadows and attributed importance to himself. Some are suggesting that this could either be a straightforward sales pitch or simply a test of the waters to see the strength or weakness of another individual.
However, most people have not forgotten his complete self-centredness and the problems he once caused. He is almost sure to find that he will remain in the back, and out of the picture, for much longer than he would have expected.
Fall from grace
 SOME insiders are wondering how a particular individual could be almost broke after more than a decade in a position where others like him were making hay while the sun shone.
He is known to have asoft spot for the fairer sex and not averse to spending money for certain favours. But people are suggesting that he would have had to have gone berserk if all his money went that route.
His financial troubles came to the fore recently when he had to borrow money from a certain someone.
Eastern stars
INSIDERS are suggesting that when a particular individual sits down and wraps his mind around who is the best person to sit beside him and be the second in command, he should look no further than one of two people born and bred in his neck of the woods.
In fact, most are saying that if he chooses a certain one, it would be a very healthy decision. If he chooses the other, he will find that he has very robust and vociferous support from someone whose feet are firmly planted in country soil.

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