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Vincies suffer under Tomas’ wrath

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Vincies suffer under Tomas’ wrath

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ST VINCENT – No one has been reported dead as a consequence of Hurricane Tomas, but two people were seriously injured.
1 200 houses sustained damage ranging from slight damage to destruction
Seven government buildings were damaged and 1 194 people have had to resort to shelters.
There was widespread devastation of the agricultural sector especially bananas and plantains.
The National Operations Committee is in full operation and relief supplies to persons in shelters began on Sunday morning.
All schools were closed for this week.
Hospitals and health facilities were not impacted adversely, However, water and electricity systems were severely affected.
The security situation is normal and well in hand, say officials.
Communication systems were not adversely affected, except north of the Dry River where LIME experienced some problems.
All main roads are now passable, but there is a great amount of clean-up to be done. (Searchlight Newspaper)