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SOCIAL SCENE: Surprise for Husbands

Gercine Carter

SOCIAL SCENE: Surprise for Husbands

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Evans Husbands is still talking about the surprise sprung on him by his wife Jan for his 60th birthday.
The well known businessman, who owns Broad Street Men’s store, which is located in Cave Shepherd, was led blindfolded into his birthday party organised by his wife at Mahogany Ridge last week and was shocked to see the assembly of friends when the blindfold was taken off.
There were guests like Cave Shepherd’s chairman Geoffrey Cave and his wife Ann, all the staff of Broad Street Men’s, the Mottleys – Amor, Elliott and Mia – Justices Garvey Husbands and Kaye Goodridge and a host of  “Huzzy’s” other friends.
Amid the celebrating, they took time out to pay musical tribute to the late Prime Minister David Thompson, and the man of the moment was showered with accolades by speaker after speaker.