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STYLE FILE: Myra-lious

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STYLE FILE: Myra-lious

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Mum of three Myra Leandre believes in looking her fashionable best.
How would you define your personal style?
I would have to say I’m a bit of everything; classic, trendy, contemporary, but a lot depends on my mood and what I need to do for the day.
Do you find that you follow fashion trends or do you play by your own rules?
I definitely play by my own own rules.?I don’t like to know that I will go someplace and see someone in what I’m wearing. So I try to work with what I have and mix up everything. I have pieces that I have had for years that still work well today.
Has your fashion sense changed over the years or has it remained the same?
It has changed and improved slightly because I am a mother and I need to project a certain image. I’ve toned it down a lot, but that doesn’t mean frumpy. Even though I have children, I can still be fashionable. People still don’t believe I have children.
Are there any colours that you tend to shy away from?
Browns, because of my skin tone. To me it doesn’t complement me at all.
As a child were you always into clothes or did you grow into your fashion sense?
I was always into clothes. I used to make clothes for myself or doll clothes on my mother’s sewing machine. Sometimes I’d have fashion shows in the neighbourhood. But that still didn’t stop me from being on the bicycle with the boys or climbing trees.
How does your day-to-day factor into your own fashion sense?
How I dress depends on my mood. Some days I get up and I feel that I have to look like the bomb and other days I’m much more understated.
Are there any designers that you like to wear or whose clothing stands out to you?
Simon-Peter, Lucy Lui. Simon’s pieces are just extravagant and different and you can find Lucy Lui pieces for lots of different occasions.
Five things every woman should have in her closet:
1  A stunning little black dress            
2  A pair of great fitting jeans
3  A good push-up bra
4  Pearls or classic jewellery
5   A wonderful pantssuit that can be worn day or evening