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Poll date near

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Poll date near

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NO HINTS, just keep your ears clear for a few more days.
That was the response of Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart when asked again about the date for the highly anticipated St John
by-election and who was the likely Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate to contest the seat left vacant by the death of the former Prime Minister David Thompson.
Speaking at his official residence, Ilaro Court, during his St Michael South Constituency’s annual Christmas party yesterday, Stuart would only smile when asked if Mara, widow of the late Prime Minister, would be contesting the seat.
He said he would not be giving any hints as to who any of the candidates would be.
“No hints to the who, but even that we can’t conceal for too much longer, because quite frankly, we are operating within a time zone.
“In another few days, I will say what I have to say about that,” he said.
He added that the matter would be handled in the very near future.
“We have a time frame in which to call the by-election.
“That time frame is 90 days from the date of the death of the late Prime Minister . . .
We have to conduct the election within a 21-day time compass.
“So we are on a countdown and in the very near future, I will make known to the country what it is that is going to happen in St John and when,” he said.
During the Christmas party scores of constituents, mostly elderly folk and children, were entertained by several acts. (MM)

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