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Corn beef crew

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Corn beef crew

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There are some traditions that should never die.
Like eating pudding and souse on Saturdays, going to Queen’s Park on Christmas morning dressed in your finest, and saying goodbye to a dear departed friend over drinks and snack at a shop after a funeral.
Four friends of motor racing stalwart John ‘Tiny’ Harrison ensured he was commemorated in true Bajan style hours after he was laid to rest on Thursday.
Tiny’s schoolmate Joel ‘Big Bird’ Garner, along with friends Jimmy Millington, Jefferson Bovell and Stephen Lovell, went in search of a shop after they left their friend’s Coral Ridge, Christ Church burial place.
Garner found Ken’s Bar & Variety in Lodge Road, Christ Church, a strong-arm stone’s throw from Boys’ Foundation where he and Tiny attended. The place was closed, but it was opened for him and the lads.
There, Garner told the guys he would make something special for them, and with that quickly rolled up his sleeves, washed his hands at the pipe inside the shop and proceeded to mix a traditional shop food dish – corned beef mixed with baked beans and loads of pepper sauce, with biscuits on the side. (SP)