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Campaign build up

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Campaign build up

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The Barbados Labour Party campaign in St John is building momentum and going according to plan says public relations officer George Griffith.
Griffith, speaking to the Nation after Sunday night’s meeting in College Bottom, St John, said their political strategy is gradually unfolding.
“We are impressed that the St John people have engaged our candidate. When the BLP canvasses in some districts, you see the positive signs that Hudson Griffith is well received,” he said.
Griffith said they are not moving through the parish as fast as they would like sometimes because the BLP candidate is one who will stop and listen to the concerns of residents, and chat as he moves along.
He said that in walking around the constituency, some people feel that part of the country has been neglected.
“They feel St John has not kept pace with the rest of the country. There is some debate as to who is to blame, but every major development has been done by the BLP,” he said, noting for example that the road network of the constituency could be attributed to the BLP.
Pat Parris, the executive assistant to the Oppostion Leader, said in this campaign poor representation is a big issue.
“So far we are dealing with the issue and we will let the people know of the broken promises made to them,” she said.
Parris said everything was going according to plan, adding that by next week the BLP will be intensifying their campaign.