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DLP for the poor

Carol Martindale

DLP for the poor

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Government backbencher Hamilton Lashley says he left the Barbados Labour Party because he cared about poor people.
“I came into a party where the Democratic Labour Party members were working hard, committing to a cause of helping poor people of country and the development of this country,” he told those gathered at Coach Hill, St John last night.
He said: “When we talk about social revolution there is no country in the world that has introduced more social programmes in three years than the DLP”.
Lashley threw his full support behind the DLP candidate Mara Thompson who he described as one of the strongest women he knows.
Lashley reflected on the death of the late Prime Minister David Thompson on October 23, noting it was a sad period in his life.
“If there was a man to carry grudge and hatred for me, it is David Thompson, but he never did. He knew about forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift from God,” said Lashley, who left the DLP camp and joined the Barbados Labour Party in the 1990s.
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