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Price check on goods

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Price check on goods

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THERE HAS BEEN no doubling of mauby prices over the past three months.
This contention from managing director of Super Centre, David Neilands, following concerns raised by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler.
A quick check at JB’s Super Centre, Sargeant Village, Christ Church, yesterday showed that a bottle of the Sweet & Dandy brand retailed at $6.35 for 750 ml bottle compared to $14.45 for a two-litre bottle, while the Aunt May’s brand went for $12.05 for a 1.89 bottle litre.
At Channell supermarket, Collymore Rock, the prices for Sweet & Dandy were lower, ranging from $5.70 to $12.63.
In light of an accusation made by Minister of Trade and Commerce Haynesley Benn that some supermarkets were “jacking up prices indiscriminately”, the DAILY NATION also checked on the price of stew beef and Bajan Pride Flour.
Contrary to Benn’s statements, the cost of stew beef and flour at JB’s Supermarket remained at pre-VAT prices of $14.99 per kilogram and $6.05 per two-kilogram bag respectively.
The only discrepancy was the stew beef was listed at $11.99 on
One official at the supermarket, who did not want to be named, said the prices of these items had not been adjusted within the last three months.
However, at Channell the price of stew beef stood at $22.75 as was reported by the minister although the price of their Bajan Pride Flour was lower than JB’s, at $5.28. (CA/KJ)