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Proud to be Caribbean

Carol Martindale

Proud to be Caribbean

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Mara Thompson says she is a proud Caribbean woman.
And, she says she won’t be engaging Opposition Leader Owen Arthur on the issue of nationality.
“I am a proud St Lucian; I am a proud Barbadian; I am a proud Caribbean woman” she said.
And Thompson says those who have a problem with her St Lucian ancestry, have a problem.
The Democratic Labour Party candidate in the January 20 St John by-election, urged supporters not to lose focus, adding: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never harm me”.
Speaking at a meeting in Coach Hill, St John last night, Thompson said: “Is this the same person who was flying up and down as the chief proponet of CSME (Caribbean Single Market Economy)?”
She said it was this type of behavior that turned people off regional integration.
The candidate told those gathered that she was public enemy number one because her naval string was not buried in Barbados.
“But I am not losing my focus in this by-election campaign. I am in politics for the right reasons – to serve the people of Barbados in general, and the people of St John, in particular. I am not worried and I will not panic” she said.
Thompson urged St John residents to come out in their numbers next Thursday to vote.
“At the start of the campaign I was sensing a victory, now I am sensing a beating. I can sense that something big is happening in St John” she said.
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