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BLP ‘will resolve issues’

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BLP ‘will resolve issues’

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Opposition Leader Owen Arthur says that whatever issues have arisen in the Barbados Labour Party, its members are going to work to resolve them.
The former Prime Minister was speaking to the media Thursday night following the defeat of his party’s candidate, Hudson Griffith, in the St John by-election.
Arthur was asked if any perceived splits within the party may have influenced the votes.
“As far as I am concerned, the most important thing where the party is concerned is that we faced an issue of the credibility of our sustained presence in St John – not issues about the party itself. The Labour Party team appeared as a family in this campaign, and the Labour Party as a party is no different than any other party,” he said.
“And what I am pleased about is that nobody can say that even where people seemed to have issues with their own party that they took them out on this campaign and on this candidate by maintaining a distance from this campaign.”
Arthur said he would make sure the party is held together and contributes to Barbados’ democracy “befitting an institution that has been in the vineyard for 72 years”. (MB)
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