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Looking for friendship and more

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Looking for friendship and more

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Dear Christine,
How are you doing?
I hope the best for you and please keep up the good work.
Christine, I am looking for a nice loving lady, who is about 40 years and up. First,?I’m looking for a friendship with the intention of a lasting relationship.
Those who respond would learn more about me. Thanks in advance Christine for publishing my letter.
– A.V.
Dear A.V.,
I sincerely hope that you are successful in your bid to find that special someone. Based on the numbers of letters I get, it seems that it is becoming more difficult for both men and women to meet a partner.
What I also find interesting is that I am getting requests like yours from a greater number of men. Not so long ago, women were primarily the ones who wrote in, so I am curious about the shift.
A.V., I would appreciate if you could help me and others understand what some men may be going through by answering the following questions:
• As a 40-plus year old, why do you think it is difficult to meet women in your age group?
• What are your thoughts on the some/many of the women you meet?
• Other men have complained that the women of today are independent and career oriented, and make men feel that they don’t need them. If this has been your experience, can you explain what you went through and why this is difficult for you as a man to cope with?
• What qualities are you looking for in a woman, and are you sure that you are not being idealistic?
As I said, please write me so that I can share your thoughts with women out there. Maybe this would be helpful to them and their approach to relationships as well.
– Christine