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Parkinson gets tips for success

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Parkinson gets tips for success

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Students and staff  of Parkinson Memorial Secondary School yesterday were given valuable lessons in the prevention of drugs and alcohol dependency.
That’s when the National Committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (NCPADD) and the Caribbean Inter-Community Prevention of Alcoholism (ICPA) staged a rally at the latter’s headquarters in The Pine.
Many of the school’s top achievers were highlighted during the rally, with one of the best, Edwin Yearwood, being present to receive some of those accolades, as well as to give a snippet of his musical talents, along with Daley B and Toni Norville, who also performed.
During the rally the president of ICPA, Dr Clement Edward, and the chairman of NCPADD, Victor Roach, presented awards to Carl Alff Padmore for his stance in furthering the cause of alcohol and drug avoidance.
Before emceeing the rally, Padmore spoke to the students on how poverty should serve as motivation to do well in school to achieve success as he and many others of his time had done.
Antonio Moore, marketing director of Freekz Customz, utilized the students’ love for big and beautiful vehicles to underscore the need to keep away from drugs.
Moore told the packed hall that a big and beautiful vehicle needed to be cleaned and maintained to perform at its optimum.  
Also in attendance was Red Plastic Bag, whom Padmore pointed to as a success story of someone who came from a background of poverty and used his talents and opportunities to create a name for himself.  
The rally’s theme was Parkinson Is A Good School, And We Will Make It Better. (KB)