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PUDDING & SOUSE – Double-crosser loses out

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PUDDING & SOUSE – Double-crosser loses out

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A FEMALE from the north who was playing a cheating game with two men has ended up the big time loser.
For months now she has been cheating on her child father with another man, and the poor fellow did not even have a clue.
What she used to do was as soon as her man dropped her off at home and left the outside lover would appear and she would leave with him.  It was such a slick move that neighbours used to wonder where this man could be hiding that he would appear so soon after her man left. To make matters worse, both men drive white cars.
But it appears that someone clued in her man to what was going on because one day after dropping her off, he returned and caught her getting into her lover’s car. But when all hell broke loose, lover boy drove off leaving her to fight her own battles.
Now neither man can be seen at the house and Miss Cheater is slamming tar to and from work.
Workers blue vex
Employees working at a spa in a rural parish are uncomfortable with the many British non-nationals who are being brought there, especially over the weekends, to train.
Apparently the spa was sold to overseas buyers, and now the local employees who spent several years building up the rich clientele and a good reputation for the business are being sidelined  for the Brits.
The immigration department has been notified of this situation, since these trainers have no work permits to work here, but every weekend for the past few months different people have been turning up and even spending as long as a week.
Frustrated employees want to know if this is just the beginning of what is to come. Are they supposed to turn up for work one day and find their stations taken up by the Brits?
Hunting for a man
A certain woman has become so desperate to find a man that she is leaving work on evenings and driving around in her new, expensive ride hoping that some man will notice her.
Her friends have become very worried about her behaviour because her car has now become her home.
Every day she leaves home with a big bag in tow containing clothes, shoes, make-up and toiletries because she never knows when she will get home from her manhunt.
She even showers and dresses at work on evenings before going on the prowl.
Close friends of this woman are very concerned about this sudden erratic behaviour because she has managed to get by without a man for years. They want to know if the onset of menopause has led her to believe that she must finally get a lover.
The sad thing is that this woman is in a caring profession, but friends believe that she now needs someone to bring her back to reality.
Desperate cry for help
The situation at an old people’s home has become so chaotic that some workers are praying for an intervention.
Apparently the person in charge does not speak to the workers, while some of the workers don’t speak to each other, and the poor old people are the ones suffering.
From what we understand, discipline has gone through the window and everyone is doing as they like. Workers are getting to work way past their scheduled time and then leaving early on evenings. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are being served late most days and the poor old folks usually have to wait for a long time to get their baths.
Now both staff and charges are complaining about missing money, missing food and missing clothes.
The situation has been drawn to the attention of those in authority but so far there has been no investigation. People are wondering how long the innocent will have to suffer under these circumstances before an intervention