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TALK BACK – NATION under readers’ microscope

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TALK BACK – NATION under readers’ microscope

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This past week, The Nation was put under the microscope by some of its online readers.
Many questioned not only the layout and design of the newspaper, but also tackled us on our selection of stories and pictures, particularly for the Front Page.
Last Friday, the WEEKEND NATION published a picture of an emotional Maura Stewart grieving for her son, who succumbed to his injuries after an attack in his New Orleans home on New Year’s morning. Readers questioned our publishing of  the picture.
“Why would the Nation newspaper allow a picture like this to grace their front page of all places?” asked one.
In the case of the Maura Stewart story, here is a mother grieving over the loss of a son who dies through grim circumstances; and she seeks to share that story with the public.
She wanted readers to see the side of her son that she saw – a caring and loving one. It was her choice to tell the story.  The report also helps to show the impact of crime on society and families.
One reader recognized this and wrote: “No mother should have to go through what she went through. In reading the article I felt numb to think that people could be so heartless. This is what my Barbados is coming to?”
On Wednesday we were also taken to task by readers for the juxtaposition of the headline It’s Emera, with the picture of new St John MP Mara Thompson arriving in Parliament for the first time since winning the by-election.
Many questioned the use of a picture that is not associated with the main story.
The reality is our Front Page lead story will often not be related to the picture, and we will in future endeavour not to confuse readers with positioning,
This week our readers also welcomed the news that Minister of Environment, Drainage and Water Resources Dr Denis Lowe was out of hospital last Thursday.
Patrick Porter wrote: “I hope that you will soon get better. All the best.”
Coleen Phillips posted “Have a speedy recovery, Dr Lowe. You are in our prayers.”
The picture of Barbados’ newest Knight Sir Branford Taitt, who was pictured with his son Branford Jr, also prompted many online comments and warm words from readers.
Beverley Hinkson wrote: “Father and son. A relationship surely made in heaven.”
Gail Hewitt-Clarke wrote: “Photo with Brandford Sr & Jr – priceless.
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