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Bianca’s the best

Lisa King

Bianca’s the best

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There is an old adage that says, “Perseverance seldom fails”, and in the case of local singer Bianca Boyce that seems quite true.  
The 25-year-old entertainer has been singing locally since she was six years old, getting her start in the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition. She won the 6 – 12 competition in 1996, singing the Whitney Houston classic One Moment In Time after she had entered the major category and lost. She would go on to enter the competition every year from age 6 to 17, becoming a staple in the competition and a household name. However, the coveted prize of winning the 13 – 20 category of the competition constantly eluded her and she had to settle for second or third place on numerous occasions.  
Things changed last Sunday night when Boyce was declared the winner of the Richard Stoute Over 21 competition beating out 12 of the finest singing voices, including Christine Carter, Troy Arthur and Anna Anna B Beckles.  
So sweet was the victory that an elated Boyce is still basking in her victory.   “I am still overwhelmed, still shocked that it finally happened,” she said, adding that she had entertained the thought of writing a song called Finally to go with the collection of music she had written over the past three years.Boyce is now reflecting on her winning performance.  Admitting that she did not do anything differently this time around, she said her focus was on getting on stage and having fun.  “I was more relaxed; although there were much tougher competitors, I just went and had fun. It was like doing a concert or show, and I kept telling the other competitors to stop thinking about who can sing better, just enjoy the show.”
The singer admitted she always felt confident about her prospects of winning but deep inside she never really thought she would actually win the title.  She sang Unchained Melody, a classic, well known song, but the choice of Zombie is a decision she delights in because she enjoys performing that song. Boyce explained that when she first heard the song she got a message from it and its range attracted her.  She always sings it differently from the original, especially at the end, where she makes it her own song. Boyce said the journey leading up to her victory has helped her to grow personally and as an entertainer.  Each year has been described as a lesson, increasing her knowledge and building her confidence.  However, she said that she was never shy as a little girl and had no qualms about singing in front of hundreds or thousands of people.  The seasoned entertainer said she was glad that she did not win the competition earlier as she had grown in the competition over the years.
Boyce now has a greater appreciation for many types of music, with Barbadian Rihanna, Celine Dion and Beyoncé topping the list of her favourite singers.  She now sings all types of music, jazz, hip hop, reggae and soul music and is willing to attempt most genres without fear.  
She is currently performing as lead singer in the band Rush Hour, formerly Frenzy, which started when she was 15 years old. Rush Hour, which restarted late last year, performs at Mango Bay once weekly and has plans to travel to St Lucia in March also to perform at some concerts in St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada shortly.
With prospects of a successful career ahead of her, Boyce shared some words of wisdom with younger artistes who have dreams of getting into the entertainment industry.  She warned them to be aware of the choices they made and not get involved in relationships that could prevent them from reaching their potential.  Boyce, who was off the entertainment scene for almost five years, said: “I almost let my talent go to waste. Go for your goals put your whole body into it, not just one foot.”
The mother of two young children said: “This is my year”, adding she refused to be held back this year.  With this competition now behind her, Boyce has her sight set on more competitions.  The fearless singer wants to try with the X-Factor show in the United States to see if she can reap similar success. Boyce added that winning the show last Sunday was a boost for her. “I have ups and downs, and right I am down, but winning the show will hopefully bring me to the stage I want to be right now and that is to be happy and have fun.”
With the title she won last Sunday and a contract with Gold Coast records, Boyce admitted that she was eagerly looking forward to what the remainder of the year held for her.