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Egyptian military dissolves parliament

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Egyptian military dissolves parliament

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CAIRO – Egypt’s new military authorities say they are dissolving parliament and suspending the constitution.
In a statement on state TV, the higher military council said it would stay in power six months, or until elections.
Egypt’s current parliament is dominated by supporters of President Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted on Friday after 18 days of mass protests.
Earlier there were scuffles in Cairo’s Tahrir Square as protesters thwarted army efforts to remove them.
The military police chief has called for tents to be cleared from the area, the focal point of the uprising that led to Mr Mubarak’s departure.
The BBC’s Wyre Davis in Cairo says the situation on the square has become a good-natured standoff, but protesters have vowed to stay night after night.
A statement was read out on state TV on Sunday from the higher military council, saying it would suspend the constitution and set up a committee to draft a new one, before submitting it to a popular referendum.
The current constitution has prevented many parties and groups from standing in elections, leaving Egypt with a parliament packed with supporters of the National Democratic Party, loyal to Mr Mubarak. (BBC)