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Beware of the charming accent

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Beware of the charming accent

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Dear Christine,
About six months ago, I met a man, via the telephone, who had a charming British accent. Apparently it was a wrong number, or so I thought at the time.
However, we ended up chatting for a while. He told me his name and that he was a psychologist from Britain working here. He claimed that he was doing lectures at schools, with community groups, and also did private counselling.
He was so sincere that I believed him.
However, I became suspicious when I tried to talk with him about his work and life in England. Some of what he did say gave me reason to doubt. You see, I spent a while in England myself while growing up, and some things just did not add up.
So I decided to do some checking, and this is what I found out about him.
He is definitely born and bred in Barbados. His mother and brothers live in St Michael. He lives in an apartment. He has built up a clientele who go to him for counselling.
He pretends to call a wrong number to meet women, and during the conversation he tells you the story he gave me. Then he expresses an interest in meeting with you.
This man is the one who needs counselling because he has a Jekyll and Hyde personality and is a compulsive liar.
He pretends to be a Christian on one hand, but needs women weekly for sex. When he is tired of you, he gets rid of you to make room for others, saying he is soon going back to England.
Men like him prey on vulnerable women who are lonely and looking for love. In this day and age I knew it was stupidity to fall for that; but I did.
So, women, beware of this charmer. Don’t be fooled like I was.
– Burned
Dear Burned,
Thank you for writing to alert women about the scheming predator out there.
The information you provided – but is not included here – will be passed on to the police for them to investigate. It is awful when anyone deliberately sets out to deceive another; win their confidence and love; then, after intimacy, dumps them. It must be one of the most devastating things a man or woman can go through.
If this man is up to such, as you said,he should be stoppedas he is seriously hurting women.
I can only urge you to recognize that you made an honest mistake which we all do sometime. Please don’t use this experience to judge all men by, or to beat up on yourself.
There are still genuine males out there who are seeking loving women like yourself. The challenge is how to find them, but they are there. All the best to you.
–  Christine