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Night flights soon for Dominica

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Night flights soon for Dominica

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Six months after a paid inaugural night flight, the Dominica Government has now announced that LIAT would begin scheduling night operations to Dominica in mid April.
Public Works Minister, Rayburn Blackmoore said that based on discussions between LIAT and the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA), new developments are underway for the commencement of night-landing there in a matter of weeks.
“Based on the discussion with the ECCAA, LIAT will be able to come to Dominica sometime in mid April, 2011 pending the approval of the publication of the Instrument Approach Procedure,” Blackmore said.
“I want to say (that) we have gotten the actual approval for the publication of the chart because all the information has to be contained in a graphic form by way of a chart so that it can be used by the various airmen.”
LIAT made its inaugural night flight into Dominica on September 20, 2010, a chartered flight by the Dominica government.
However, since then, the carrier has not included Dominica on its night itinerary.
Last December LIAT said it was still awaiting an approved instrument approach in order to commence scheduled night operations into the Melville Hall Airport.
The airline’s Director of Flight Operations, Captain George Arthurton, noted then that LIAT has repeatedly emphasised that although it would like to commence scheduled night operations into Dominica as soon as possible, it is unable to do so until an instrument approach has been approved by the ECCAA.
“LIAT’s operating standards require that an instrument approach is available for scheduled night operations,” Arthurton explained. “The current ECCAA Phase One approval only permits visual approaches into Dominica at night.” (CMC)