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Island rivalry a no-no

John Sealy

Island rivalry a no-no

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CARL?PADMORE, outgoing president of the Guild of Undergraduates at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies, is cautioning against island rivalry at that institution, especially during the upcoming Guild elections.
Padmore, who is not seeking re-election as after two successive years as president, said: “I am seeing a spirit of divisiveness coming, where people want to pitch this election as nationals against non-nationals. I have fought against this for two years. Insularity, immaturity and insecurity are three evils that you don’t want on Cave Hill Campus. This election must not be fought on nationalistic grounds.”
He said that funds from the Barbados Government had helped all citizens who attended the university.“
The Arthur Lewis scholarships, to which there is a contribution, are available to students throughout the region.”
He rejected the idea being given by some that “Cave Hill was not doing enough for the non-national student. There is a level playing field but we can’t fight this election [along national lines]”.  
“Vote the best candidate. Don’t see nationality,” said Padmore, who called on students to make use of the benefits that were available as a result of the amenities fees.
Padmore, who is on sick leave, spoke to the SATURDAY?SUN during an interview called to dispel rumours that he was dying. He admitted that he was recovering from a fall sustained in a bathroom while in Jamaica recently, for which he had to seek medical treatment.