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Combermere fund launched

Anesta Henry

Combermere fund launched

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Funds donated to the Combermere School will now be consolidated under a legal entity – the Combermere Development Fund.
The trust was established to assist the school’s stakeholders with medical treatment; either in or outside of Barbados, to enable students of the school to develop their full potential through education and training, to provide grants, scholarships and other financial assistance for the purpose of training students, former students and staff. Funding from the trust will also provide the school with educational equipment or facilities.
During the launching ceremony of the trust today, chairman of Combermere’s board of management Peter Harris, said this was a milestone for the school.
“I am very delighted to see this trust established as we have a lot of work to do here at Combermere and we cannot wait on handouts.  I would like to see every child who comes through these gates have the same opportunities and not to be hampered from taking advantage of all that the school has to offer because of the lack of finances.” he said.
Principal Vere Parris said: “We believe that there is not student who attends Combermere who ought to suffer as a result of not being able to meet certain financial needs. Whatever we can do for our students, we ensure that we go to all ends to cater to our students and their needs.”