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BLP ploy at play

Geralyn Edward

BLP ploy at play

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The Opposition has been accused of rumour-mongering and trying to create panic in the country by suggesting that there was something unique about Barbados’ slow economic turnaround.
Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler launched the attack yesterday as he started debate in the House of Assembly on Government’s Estimates of Income and Expenditure.
He said Opposition spokespersons who point to global growth had failed to point out that economic growth in many of Barbados’ main trading partners was also slow.
Citing the 2.3 per cent economic growth in the United States as an example, Sinckler said when a closer examination was made of some states there it will be discovered that many of them had been “wrecked” and “out of balance”.
Quoting from the CDB’s 2010 report, he added: “Of the CDB’s 18 borrowing member countries, 12 recorded contractions and six recorded growth in 2010. Among the 12, contractions were recorded in Barbados, Jamaica, Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago.”
The St Michael North West MP said his administration had been honest with Barbadians about the prospects for growth and that it was doing its best in a very difficult economic situation without creating major social dislocation in the country.