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Threads Of Scarlet in concert

Heather-Lynn Evanson

Threads Of Scarlet in concert

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No, it’s not a movie set, but it’s what local alternative band Threads of Scarlet is promising those attending its concert at month end.
Patrons and fans, said producer John Roett, can expect a vastly different show at the Olympus Theatre on March 26.
“We’re using the biggest room they have there and we’re gonna transform the entire place,” Roett said.
“We have specific lighting techs; we have people that will be shooting graphics and animation on the scene; we have HD filming for DVD production after and the video is also going to be shot of the band playing live while we’re playing on the screen,” he promised.
“We’re doing all of our own songs, all original music which is good because for you to make an impact outside you have to be doing all your own songs,” he said.
“It’s gonna be a great sound. We have a great sound company; we have great lighting techs; the whole infrastructure is in place and it’s kind of a unique environment to be in a cinema watching a concert,” Roett noted.
The band, he revealed, has been hard at work rehearsing for the local show and played a warm up gig at the international SXSW (South by South West) concert in Austin, Texas, United States. That musical showcase came off March 13 to 19.
Both shows by the band will be in support of their debut album, Katharsis.
Recorded in Barbados and mixed in Canada, the album, Roett said, was getting rave reviews, not only from fans here, but also from international record companies.
“We’ve had interest from Warner Music and from Disney. We’re taking one step at a time and focusing on building our base. There are lot of Barbadians who do like rock/alternative music,” Roett said.
Fourteen songs, ranging from the popular Issues and Baby Blue, to the edgier, heavier Breathe and Falling Far From, are on offer.
The band and Roett rehearsed for about five months prior to heading into Eddie Grant’s Blue Wave Recording Studio in St Philip to lay down basic tracks.
From there, it was to Canefield Studio with Canadian engineer Andis Raibacis and then onto Commercial Music Studio for Anthony Lowhar to record overdubs and vocals. And then it was off to the renowned Metal Works Studio, in Canada.
The first show will be at 7 p.m. with a second at 11:30 p.m.
Pictured: (from left) James Ward, Jesse Foster, Damien Daniel (Olympus Theatres events manager), John Roett, Stu Damm, Johann Crichlow (Sheraton Mall management division), Nicholas Ward, Tracey Worme (Brightsquare Website Design).