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Easy on roads!

Carlos Atwell

Easy on roads!

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Use designated drivers. Pull over if you are tired or feel sick. Check the condition of your vehicle.
That’s the Easter season road safety advice to motorists from the police, the National Committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (NCPADD) and the Caribbean Academy for Driving Excellence.
Inspector Leon Blades of the Police Traffic Division yesterday appealed to drivers to take it easy on the roads, bearing in mind the variety of events coming up.
He said one death on Barbados’ roads was one too many and there had already been three this year.
“We want people to slow down. Plus, if you plan to drink [alcohol] then get a designated driver; if you are unwell or have low blood sugar, then pull over or get something to boost yourself. Don’t try to make it, because you might not make it,” he cautioned.
NCPADD president Victor Roach said there was evidence that vehicular accidents were more prevalent during holidays.
“There is usually a free-for-all where alcohol is on the menu, so we are very concerned. If one is to drink, then don’t drive; and if one is to drive, then don’t drink.”
Roach said NCPADD was also discouraging the use of mobile devices while driving and allowing children to stand in vehicles while in motion.
Junior Jordan, the consultant driver trainer of the Caribbean Academy for Driving Excellence, expressed concern about inexperienced drivers.
“These drivers may be out on Good Friday with other youth, so I want to caution against being cajoled into speeding. Remember, a vehicle can be a lethal instrument,” he said.
“Monday is Bushy Park [a race meet], and I have a problem with people both rushing to get there early and with those people trying to replicate what they see on the track on the road from there,” Jordan added.
He also said people were racing illegally on the ABC?Highway from the Norman Niles Roundabout to Waterford.