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Hot cross buns in demand

Lisa King

Hot cross buns in demand

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This Easter Season the bread that is in high demand is hot cross buns.
At Bakers Mart in Eagle Hall, St Michael, yesterday, workers were busy preparing several batches of the pastry, which is quickly becoming a must-have at this time of the year.
Sales and marketing manager Faye Brown said the bread had been moving off the shelves quickly. She said the bakery had been making the buns from about four weeks ago and would continue to do so until the end of April.
 At Golden Crust bakery the manager said that it had been baking the holiday treat but was catering mostly to the small market in the area.
“Every now and then we get an order from Almond, but it has been fairly quiet because of where we are located . . . We have not had a really big calling for them,” he said.