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Sir Hilary’s appeal

John Sealy

Sir Hilary’s appeal

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Government is being asked to be a partner with the University of West Indies, Cave Hill in the advancement of higher educational learning.
This appeal was made by Sir Hilary Beckles Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal of UWI,  Cave Hill as he delivered the  Democratic Labour Party lecture in celebration of its 56 anniversary at the Frank Collymore Hall last night. The lecture was entitled How sustainable is the [Errol] Barrow vision for tertiary education funding in Barbados. Barrow was the first prime minister of Barbados and was at the forefront in securing free education for  its citizens at all levels in the island.
Sir Hilary also  linked investment in tertiary education to the development in the economic growth of a country.
“All of those countries that have invested heavily  in tertiary education have seen the benefit in economic growth. The economic miracle that we are all aware of in southeast Asia is driven almost entirely by investments in higher education, research and professional training,”  he said.