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Students have it all sewn up

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Students have it all sewn up

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ELEVEN BUDDING fashionistas showcased their talent last Friday when the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic held its annual portfolio fashion show.
Under the theme Fabulosity, students highlighted their work in casual and formal wear, swimsuits, lingerie, business attire, cocktail dresses and children’s wear.
Teacher Chande Alleyne said this year’s garment-making class had dedicated and hard-working students.
Each was given assignments using different fabrics and patterns.For formal wear, the 11 students pulled from a hat, picking a parish to represent and creating a gown based on a place of interest. 
Throughout the year the students were judged on work performance, stitching criteria, construction and their own paper patterns for the initial design.
Alleyne, in congratulating the class for the good work, said that over the years the programme had been challenged to find students interested in pursuing garment-making as a career.
“When they started the programme, none of them had any sweing skills – they were all beginners – but they developed their skills pretty quickly,” Alleyne pointed out. 
“This programme is one that you don’t find a lot of people entering, so we try our best to encourage students, to show them how they can become their own designers.”