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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE – These is signs o’ de times

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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE – These is signs o’ de times

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Easter went well fuh you an’ yours? Mine was fairly quiet dis year!  Money en too easy to come by, y’know, an’ yuh now gotta study long an’ hard befo’ yuh allow it to lef’ yuh han’! Befo’ I hit de road, I usually plan out exackly whey I gine, so de stops I mek dat day all in de same direction, an’ I don’ fin’ muhself drivin’ all ’bout, wase’ing gas dat en even lastin’!
Once, I had a fairly good idea how far de amounk o’ gas I put in dis ole rus’-bucket woulda tek muh. Now, de same amounk could hardly get muh ’roun’ de corner befo’ de needle en p’intin’ to “em’ty”. I cyahn onderstan’ wuh happenin’, ’cause it look like I got to pay mo’ money – whichin I en got – to get de same mileage, like befo’! I hopin’ de aut’orities not only look into it, but do somet’ing positive!    
So yuh onderstan’ why I now pickin’ an’ choosin’ befo’ I go out, ‘cause I en no extra money to spen’’pon gas!  I may soon decide to keep “Ole Betsy” home an’ use de Guvment transport, aldoh some days, yuh could grow roots waitin’ fuh a bus!   
Philomena got to ‘gree wid muh dat Buhbayduss is de fete place in de Caribbean! In dese hard days, de social events still comin’ at yuh so fas’ an’ furious, week after week! Prices en cheap –  $150, $175, $300 – but attendance en lackin’! Present times tekkin’ sech a toll, dat it look like people now fallin’ into two groups.  
I call it de “great divide”! ‘Pon one side, de “haves”! Money no objeck, so duh could afford to “eat, drink, an’ be very merry”! ’Pon de ethuh, de “have-nots”, daily pinchin’ pennies in order to mek dem las’! 
But dah en all, look close, an’ yuh gine fine a t’ird group, comin’ up in-between, de “tryin’-to-haves”! Priorities fuh dem all wrong, an’ it got duh life in tights. It en easy tryin’ to mek people believe yuh belong to a crowd whey money don’ matter! Life got duh stretch out wid de necessary an’ onnecessary debts! 
But … evuh man to ’e own order! 
Chile, de islan’ cryin’ out fuh a glimpse o’ de Prime Minister! ’E almos’ as scarce as de money we tryin’ to fine! When yuh gine t’rough hard times, yuh like to know yuh leader out front cheerin’ yuh on! But I console muhself wid dat phrase ’bout “Big Bruvver” silently watchin’ doh he en visible, an’ I also remember de Good Book say de Almighty wid we when we gine t’rough de waters an’ de valleys! 
Now, Mr Sinclair is one o’ de lucky ones to see light in dis darkness, so I gine accep’ he re-assurin’ words in de same way.  
Aldoh we en seein’ de PM as of’en as we feel we should, it don’ mean ’e en wukkin’ an’ carin’ fuh de country! He gine come out an’ tell we wuh happenin’ when ’e good an’ ready! Somehow, dah attitude put muh in min’ o’ anethuh PM long ago!   
Anyway, as I or nobody else, cyahn twis’ Mr Stuart arm, it got to be sufficient fuh now! Jes’ be glad we in ’e t’oughts! 
But lemmuh tell yuh ’bout one good t’ing dat happenin’! De airline, Redjet, finally about to tek to de skies an’ de low fares duh offerin’ got some ethuh comp’nies jumpy! 
So much so, dat duh now could fine it possible to offer much lower fares dan befo’, after stretchin’ we out fuh years wid prices outta dis worl’! Dah show yuh how competition good fuh bizness!  
Philomena run an’ book passage to Trinidad – befo, nearly $800, now onder $300 – but from wuh I hearin’, it seem Redjet wings might get clip befo’ it even tek off fuh Trinidad! All dat glitters … .!
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien Babsie.