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Denis?Kellman, who has been described by Prime Minister Freundel Stuart as a highly valued member of his team, says he is willing to accept any Cabinet post that will benefit the country.
Kellman said he was delighted the Prime Minister had a lot of confidence in him.
“We [the country] have to reverse a lot of things and we have to do it within a short time. So whatever [the Prime Minister] thinks I can help him propel and I can enhance him, I am quite prepared to do.”
In a nationally televised interview on Tuesday night, the Prime Minister said Kellman was a loyal member who had to be accommodated in the Cabinet, adding that those “details were being worked out at the moment”. Stuart said Kellman, just 36 when he became Member of Parliament for St Lucy in 1994, had been there through “thick and thin” and would not be returning to the back bench.
On January 4, Kellman was sworn in as Minister of the Environment, Water Resources, and Drainage, after the incumbent minister Denis Lowe was hospitalized.
Kellman said Stuart was fully aware of his loyalty to the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP).
 “The Prime Minister knows that I am committed to the party and the country. He would see that as important . . . . ,” he said.
 Kellman said he was excited about the challenge that his current ministerial responsibility brought, especially in relation to the environment.
 “The Ministry of Environment is one of the most important ministries within the Government. One has to recognize that garbage is not garbage anymore; it is now regarded as a resource and the environment of the country is very important when one considers that we are now in the service industry . . . .
“Not only that, the Ministry of Environment has synergies with the Ministry of Agriculture; it has synergies with the Ministry of Housing, Tourism, Transport and Finance. It is a very integral ministry,” he said.

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