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Boulders a potential hazzard

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Boulders a potential hazzard

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Heavy rains might have created a potential hazard to pedestrians and motorists travelling along Taitt Hill, St George.
One resident has expressed concern after one boulder from a structure, which appears to be a guard wall, moved last Wednesday.
Shirville Harris said he was concerned for “myself, pedestrians, motorists and passengers who traversed the road daily – sometimes four and five times”.
Harris explained that regular rains last week caused the structure to weaken and as a result become “even more dangerous than it was before”.
“I think the rain softens the mud which is holding the boulders together and [to that] extent all of them would come crashing into the road. “
Owners of the property on which the wall is located said that they had noticed the “problem and will be working to get it fixed by this weekend”. (AH)