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‘Cruel’ water

Anesta Henry

‘Cruel’ water

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Oslyne Davis, 78, of 3rd Avenue, Chapman Lane, St Michael, had to be rescued yesterday from her modest home as flood water rushed in.
Speaking after heavy rains had drenched the island between Saturday evening and yesterday morning, Davis complained that this was not the first time she was forced to seek refuge at her neighbour’s.
“The house is full of water . . . . The water just kept rising and almost touched my bed. I have been living out here for almost 12 years now, and all the time this is happening. Every year the area floods and I have to leave my house.”
One of Davis’ rescuers, Thomas Feilcien, said while he was accustomed to seeing the area flooded, this time was “cruel”.
“When the flooding started, I immediately knew what was going to happen; so I started packing the things on the floor on top of tables and chairs . . . . We keep complaining, but nothing new is happening,” voiced Feilcien.
At her Bank Hall Cross Road home, 74-year-old Magaret Blasse cried out that “since last October my roof was damaged by storm Tomas. Now, look at what has happened, the tarpaulin which was sheltering me gone!
“All of my books . . . are soaked. The chairs and the beds are soaked. Since last year, every time the rain falls this is what happens to me.”
Over in Snagg Land, Savannah Road, Bush Hall, St Michael, Cathyann Wood was still in shock after heavy showers “took a big chunk” of her neighbour’s land leaving a large opening.
At Spring Garden, where there are Courts Barbados appliance and furniture warehouses, a significant amount of water had to be pumped off the property. Sales and distribution director Steve Alleyne said that while the appliance warehouse was untouched, that which housed the furniture suffered minor flooding, but none of its contents was damaged.
He stressed, however, that the problem was that the canal at the back of the building was not big enough to handle any large capacity of water.