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Facing facts

Greg Williams of Flawless

Facing facts

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WHEN IT COMES to putting your best face forward, a woman’s make-up must be on point. How do you go about turning heads? Make-up starts with good skin care. 
You must cleanse, tone and moisturize every day, twice a day. Unfortunately, because we live in a hot climate, many women feel they don’t have to moisturize their skin because their skin becomes too shiny and greasy. 
The lack of moisture in the skin forces the skin to become moisturized and produce more oil. That’s where the shine comes in. Be sure to moisturize because it helps the foundation blend into the skin a lot more smoothly.
Finding the right shade of foundation can be a chore, but there are some tricks to remember. Never allow anyone to test your make-up on your hand. The only reason you should ever test make-up on your hand is to test the texture of the make-up and how fast it blends into the skin. The correct way to test the right shade of foundation is to apply it on the jawline or on your chest. These points give the most accurate colour of your skin. 
Matching your foundation and powder will give you the wrong colour after it is applied. Your face powder should be two shades lighter than your foundation, if it’s not a colourless powder.
The brows have it
Your eyebrows grow in a certain pattern and you need to fill in the hair in the way it grows. So just drawing a line will not do. When opting to fill in your brows:
1. Use an eye pencil and please don’t use black pencils that will make your eyebrow look really harsh and obvious.
2. Fill in your brows with light strokes in the direction of the hairs. 
3. If you are using a powder to fill in your eyebrows, you will need an angle brush for your powder. Always start and finish your eyebrows by combing them with an eyebrow comb.
Make-up dos and don’ts
1. Always moisturize your face twice a day.
2. Change your make-up sponges as often as possible.
3.Always blend your make-up, foundation, powder and eye shadows.
4.Always apply make-up in natural light, particularly sunlight.
5.Never line your lips in black; black blends into black.
6. Never apply the make-up just to the face, forgetting the hairline and the neck. This creates a mask and poorly applied make-up. 
7. Always remember make-up is to look as natural as possible and flawless.