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Rocking to reggae in rain

Luigi Marshall

Rocking to reggae in rain

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That would be the best way to describe today’s Digicel Reggae on the Hill event at Farley Hill, St Peter.
It is unclear how much sand was spread on Farley HIll last night to counteract the effects of yesterday’s rainfall, but it was of little help.
There was still mud everywhere.
And as the rain continued to fall, sometimes a drizzle, sometimes, a pour, conditions weren’t getting any better.
Still, most who made it to the Hill seemed unperturbed. As the sounds of Gyptian singing Mama Cry No More, Serious Times and Hold Yuh, adding to Junior Kelly’s tunes flowed from the stage, the crowd rocked with pleasure.
At 3 p.m. officials were unable to say how many people were in attendance.
The sea of umbrellas created a significant hindrance to freely moving around and even proved to be of little use as most were still wet to some degree.
Reggae on the Hill was to take place yesterday but was postponed due to a flood warning in Barbados.