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DEAR CHRISTINE – Too much talk for boyfriend

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Too much talk for boyfriend

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Dear Christine, I AM a very friendly person and chat a lot to men and women. I talk so much that my mother always tells me that my mouth must be happy when I am sleeping.
My boyfriend and I officially became a couple in January after being casual friends for about six years. Now that we have become involved he is having difficulty with how much I talk. As far as he is concerned I spend too much time talking to people and not enough time dealing with him. Now he is even suggesting I am cheating on him, and I am not. 
I know his last girlfriend cheated on him and because of this he is somewhat insecure, so I have to constantly assure him of my love.
Christine, I care for this man and I believe he loves me too, but I can’t understand why he doesn’t trust me. How long will it take for him to overcome his fears? What more can I do to convince him of my love? – DC  
Dear DC, 
To love someone implies that you trust them. You can’t have one without the other. So if your boyfriend thinks you are cheating on him, or fears that you are likely to, then he cannot truly trust you. 
This is a major challenge to your developing a solid relationship with him. You need to get him to understand this. 
He needs too to realize that in the same way your personality attracted him it will attract others, but there is no need for his apprehension.
If he does not accept this, then I would suggest you seriously reassess the relationship as trust is a fundamental aspect of any meaningful union.