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High speed chase in Wotton

Maria Bradshaw

High speed chase in Wotton

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Police were engaged in a high speed chase with the driver of a white car at Wotton, Christ Church, this morning which resulted in the arrest of at least one man and the retrieval of two guns.
The guns were pulled from a ditch at Montrose, Christ Church by the cops, while a man was taken into custody.
Several residents converged on the scene watching on as police cordoned off the area for more than hour.
Police public relations officer Inspector David Welch said it was just after 9:40 this morning when they received a report of gunshots in the Montrose/Wotton area. He said a unit from the anti-gun squad responded.
He confirmed that a male suspect was apprehended and two guns were recovered. Welch said no one was injured.
However, he said the actions of the suspect caused one officer to fear for his life, and as a result he discharged his weapon. But Welch stated that no one was injured.
He also reported that two men from the area also received stab wounds yesterday, adding that the police were trying to determine if the two incidents were connected.Anthony Ryan Charles, 21, of Kingsland Terrace, Christ Church, and Dale Doughlin, 33, of Wotton, Christ Church, both received stab wounds about the body. Charles sought private medical care while Doughlin was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by ambulance. 
Word spread like wildfire that there was a body in the ditch as residents reported hearing several gun shots. However, this turned out to be just speculation.
Upset residents were, however, critical of how the cops descended on the area. A woman said she almost caught a heart attack when she was awakened from her sleep by blaring sirens.
“They just came through the area with sirens on and driving fast, fast, fast. The police have to do their jobs better than that because residents were scared and were running to lock their doors. They did not have to come through the neighbourhood like that”, she cried.
Welch said police were still investigating the incident.

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