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Cops: Beware bag snatchers

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Cops: Beware bag snatchers

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MOTORISTS, PARTICULARLY women, have been warned to guard against thieves who are skilfully snatching bags and valuables from slow-moving and stationary vehicles.
Police public relations officer Inspector David Welch said yesterday that some incidents had been reported to them in Forde’s Road, Clapham, St Michael.
Welch said that many drivers placed their handbags in the front passenger seat, but thieves had been reaching in and making off with bags and other items, including cellphones.
Police had no positive identification of the culprits as yet, Welch said. 
However, in an effort to curb this trend, Welch has suggested that when motorists are approaching junctions, roundabouts or even while in traffic jams, their doors should be locked and windows kept up to certain levels.
Welch said that the Royal Barbados Police Force had been recording a decrease in crime, including robbery but there had been a rise in theft from the person.
The items being targeted in particular have been cellphones and jewellery. It was believed that the robbers followed their victims and grabbed their belongings in unguarded moments.
“We’re asking people to be careful and to know the description of their property. There are instances where people come in to the police but cannot describe their property,”  Welch said.
People should take steps to make their items identifiable and the police were willing to help, he said. 
Welch said many burglaries were carried out during the day and he  warned householders to exercise care by ensuring their doors and windows were secured.
He also suggested that people keep an eye out for suspicious people and unknown vehicles in their districts. 
He also recommended that efforts be made to reactivate Neighbourhood Watch programmes where they had gone dormant.
Last weekend there were reports that jewellery and more than US$10 000 were stolen from the residence of an American woman working in Barbados. (ES)