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PUDDING & SOUSE – Mother and child at war

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PUDDING & SOUSE – Mother and child at war

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THERE IS?A WOMAN who is creating a lot of strife between a mother and her daughter by feeding the mother a lot of lies about the poor girl.
Residents of the housing area where the mother and daughter live have constantly been intervening in many arguments in the house because the mother usually believes what her friend tells her.
They are of the opinion that the woman is jealous of the relationship between the mother and daughter and is trying to run the girl out of the house.
They admit that there was always tension in the household but say that since the daughter moved back home about a year ago she has really been trying to establish a bond with her mother.
They want the mother’s nosy friend to concentrate on her own family and leave the woman and her child to work out their differences, especially since Sunday is Mother’s Day.
Same old, same old
A CERTAIN MAN was spotted sneaking out of his lover’s house in the wee hours of the morning last Saturday.
What he does not know is that some people in high places now have a dossier on his nocturnal activities with the woman so the next time he cries wolf he may have a hard time getting people to take him seriously.
Even his wife cannot believe that he would crawl back into this young woman’s bed after she beat him so badly and threatened their family.
Little does he know that this young, giddy-headed, out-of-control woman has been walking around telling everyone that he is only good for the money because not even Viagra can help him.
Even his friends want to know why he is so bewitched by this woman and why he would go back to her after what she put him and his family through.
At the rate he is going, he may not have any energy left when the bell tolls in a year or two.
Shameless waitress
COLLEAGUES OF A WAITRESS want to know if she has no shame.
Weeks after one of the men at the restaurant said he slept with her in a bed occupied by her three children, she is still checking on him at work and behaving like a love-sick puppy.
And apparently he is even saying that the father of the children caught them in bed too.
Her colleagues want her to know that even if she does not have any respect for herself, she should have some for her girl children and get a room for herself and her men, instead of squeezing them into the bed with her family.
Cry baby
SOME MEN seem to have no shame.
Consider the case of this young, giddy-headed mother’s boy who made a serious accusation against his woman which landed her before the law courts.
Even though he went to court and complained of how badly the woman beat him he is still calling at her house, begging her  to give him some loving.
She now has his sorry butt on tape, crying and begging her to give him a chance. Wonder what his mother will say when she hears the tape since she is walking around telling everyone that her son was only using this woman to get a roof over his head!
Back in the ling
NO MORE SUSPENSE – this cutting-edge entertainer plans to be back in 2013.
Word on the ground is that he has been sponsoring and attending many activities in a certain central location – even as he wears Clarks to most of those events.
Maybe he hopes to make a point this time around.