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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Terrorism get a body blow!

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Terrorism get a body blow!

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You could believe it? Wuh don’ happen in ten years, does happen in a day! Two shots to de head an’ Public Enemy No.1, Osama bin Laden gone, easy so, gi’in’ terrorism a blow to de heart! When Amuricans get dah news, mos’ people tek to de streets in wile jubilation!
Now, evuhbody ’gree Bin Laden was a evil, murderous man! Dah night, ’e get ketch off-guard, c’n defen’ ’eself, an’ get gun-down, but celebratin’ an’ rejoicin’ over ’e deaf in dis way, somehow don’ seem right to me! Jes’ t’ank God e’ gone, an’ keep a sharp look-out fuh who followin’!     
I en know how ’e was able to do it, but dat man elude capture fuh years. He had de Wes’ spinnin’. One minute, people hear ’e in dis place, den de nex’, an’ all de time, he was right dey in duh face! He put muh in min’ o’ one o’ de mos’ elusive local fugitives we evuh had – Winston Hall! He had Bajans searchin’ high an’ low all over de islan’ widout success, ’til suddenly, one day, ’e luck run out an’ jes’ like Bin Laden, it was all over! Chile, don’ doubt God, “right” does always win out in de en’!   
Not all Muslims was ’pon Bin Laden side, so in some quarters, dem en too sorry, doh duh mighta prefer ef ‘e didn’ get kill. But de ethuhs ’pon de warpaff! Amuricans, ’specially, got to sleep wid eyes open wide from now on, ’cause dem Muslims en gine tek it so! Dem sure to be plannin’ de backlash all like now.
Wunna British also got to be real careful. I know mos’ Muslims over dey is law-abidin’ citizens, but I won’ be surprise ef one or two pockets o’ “Bin Laden-ites” en lurkin’ ’bout somewhey. Acktually, de whole Western worl’ now got to keep a keen look-out, even we in li’l Buhbayduss! Don’ fuhget, some ’ears ago, jes’ ’cross de water, we nighber Trinidad, had duh share o’ trouble wid some terroris’s, so dese people could strike any place!         
Gettin’ Bin Laden out de way c’n come at a better time fuh President Obama! Dah man been grapplin’ wid one “hot potato” after anethuh – high gas prices, unemployment, de Republicans an’ duh offshoots, like de Tea Party, Donald Trump an’ de Birfers, an’ any ethuhs dat got it in fuh Obama. En no wonder he approval ratin’s droppin’!
Ketchin’ Bin Laden at dis stage t’row out all de bad feelin’s – fuh de moment – ’cause people now singin’ high praises to Obama fuh gettin’ rid o’ de terroris’! But yuh know how it is wid we yoomans.
When all de jumpin’ an’ wavin’ finish, an’ people facin’ reality agen – lookin’ fuh  jobs, losin’ duh homes, fillin’ up at de pump, an’ all de ethuh problems recession t’rowin’ at duh – Obama gine be de scapegoat, an’ ill-will gine rise up once mo’!
Trump an’ de Birfers still tryin’ to stir de “Birf Certificate” pot, an’ keep on insis’in’ it fake! Duh even now attemp’in’ to tek de matter to Court.
I t’ink Trump problem is dat he feel President Obama is one o’ he “apprentices” an’ he could jes’ p’int a finger at ’e, an’ holler ’e two favourite words – “You’re Fired”! I doubt, doh, he gine get dah chance!    
I hey hus’ling to ketch de pos’ but I mus tell yuh wuh I see ’pon TV hey lately! A group o’ schoolboys bullyin’ anethuh one, widout mercy! A’ de language!  Evuh minute de station had to bleep it out! I had t’ought dat after dah bad case o’ bullyin’, a while back, ’cause a li’l boy to lose ’e life, by now it woulda stop. But like evuht’ing else – dah was, as usual, jes’ talk! I hope de Au’torities gine now mek it a matter o’ urgency to see bullyin’ get stamp out – widout fail!
Tek care o’ yuhself
Yuh frien’ Babsie