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Shocked boy back at home

Tim Slinger

Shocked boy back at home

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 “IT’S A MIRACLE!” grandmother Agatha “Vivian” Pierre declared as 16-year-old Jonathan Narine left Ward B7 of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) yesterday – 44 days after he had suffered electrical shock while picking mangoes.
“When I first saw him [referring to Jonathan’s first day of hospitalization) I was really worried,” Pierre told the MIDWEEK NATION last night as she reflected on the first four days her grandson remained in an unconscious state.
“But after doctors told me that he would pull through, I prayed and felt confident that everything would all right.”
The fourth form Parkinson Secondary School student was all smiles as he left for his Dunlow Lane, St Michael home.
Jonathan’s memory of the incident was vague. According to him, it was like suddenly falling asleep.
“I was in the tree and I took the stick and was trying to reach a certain area where mangoes were . . . . Then I didn’t know anything else. The next thing, I woke up and found myself in the hospital,” the student said.
 Looking forward to full recuperation, Jonathan said one thing he wouldn’t ever be doing again was climbing trees – of any sort.
One of the first things Jonanthan did on reaching home was to take a taste of his grandmother’s soup.
“When his mother told me on Sunday night that Jonathan was coming home, I told myself I have to prepare a good chicken soup for him, with barley and lots of dumplings,” Pierre said.
Jonathan’s girlfriend 17-year-old Lisa Gibbons was among those who escorted him home.
“I always felt he would make it through. I was never giving up,” she said.
Jonathan, now walking with the aid of crutches, will over the next several weeks receive outpatient care.
“God was with him all the time,” his grandmother remarked on his close shave.