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Hot heads at root of violence

Carlos Atwell

Hot heads at root of violence

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COMMISSIONER OF Police Darwin Dottin says the lack of anger management is at the root of crime and violence.
Dottin, speaking to the DAILY NATION yesterday after a morning service at the St Lucy Parish Church to commemorate Police Week, said that despite the recent stabbing deaths, he was more concerned about proper conflict resolution than any stabbing trend.
“We have had three stabbing incidents over the past few weeks . . . , but this is due to people resorting to resolving their disputes with sharp-edged weapons.
“From what I can see, people need to realize there are different ways to resolve their disputes than [through] resorting to violence,” the police chief said.
Dottin said the recent killings, such as of Rico DePeiza, 22, of Upper Checker Hall, St Lucy, who was stabbed to death on Saturday, and Tyrone Bourne, 21, of Lead Vale, Christ Church, who was also stabbed to death on Friday, were evidence some Barbadians simply did not know how to resolve anger – which was why the Barbados Police Force was seeking to instill tolerance in children.
“We have to urge restraint, which is why we have embarked on the DARE programme. But adults still need to practise more restraint.”
St Lucy Church rector Rev. Curtis Goodridge expressed similar sentiments during his sermon.
“We are producing in our land today a generation of vipers who have no respect for the dignity of human life, a generation that is going nowhere fast. We need not bury our heads in the sand and pretend all is nice and rosy in society, for indeed there are ugly things occurring in this country.
“If we are to win back this society for the Lord, the church, school, home, Government and the Royal Barbados Police Force must be in partnership. There must be a united front, we must all be singing from the same hymn sheet . . . if we are to arrest crime, violence and evil . . . because together we can build a stronger society,” Goodridge said.