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Provider vs sex stud

Carol-Ann Tudor

Provider vs sex stud

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PING! Sex always plays a great part in every relationship, but so too does money… Never mind all those women who like to play “independent”, the fact of the matter is that women love money. There is nothing better than opening your purse each day and seeing some kind of money, whether it is enough to buy a “snackbox” or a $300 dress. A good girlfriend of mine was recently faced with two choices to make:  (1) a man that was a great provider for the family, ensuring the cash was always flowing and she was never broke, but was lacking in the sex area, or (2), a man that great in bed  but BROKE!! She kept both!
Gym Fanatic – I would choose No. 1 the man that provides. I had enough men to last me the rest of my life, plus I might be able to work with him and teach him a thing or two or be content with my toy. You can’t take “great sex” with you to the supermarket or use it to pay bills, so that is a definite no no!!
Wa Gine On Hey – That’s true, you definitely can’t take sex to the supermarket or use it to pay bills. A good provider will win all the time.
Cindy Lou – Cash, cheques, debit or credit cards accepted!! No where have I ever seen “great sex” used as a form of payment for anything! Bills have to be paid, food has to be bought. Eventually he will serve the sex purpose. A deputy will help pay the bills and he will get sex too. Independent woman or not – one plus one = two!! As long as he ain’t bringing nothing to the table it is stress, and contention and infidelity will step in.
Wa Gine On Hey – I agree, no woman wants a man that isn’t bringing anything to the table!! That independent woman is a myth!!
Thickie Sweets – I agree with the friend and keep both. It makes no sense having someone who is lousy in bed and not fulfilling both needs. Even if I let go of the broke man, the man giving the money will still get horn. So I might as well keep both.
Wa Gine On Hey – It’s true. A man that can fulfil both roles at one time would be even better.
Karolyne – Personally, I would keep the provider. You can teach a man in the bedroom and failing that, they are plenty toys to keep us company! Who wants a broke man with no ambition? Surely not me!
Wa Gine On Hey – Well Spoken!! No woman wants a broke man, and in this day and age, men don’t want broke women either!!
Miss Warner – For me the real issue is whether the man genuinely loves me and my family, shows interest in our well-being, is respectful and emotionally supportive. It may sound naive but those things are necessary for a satisfying relationship. Now, if we assume that they are both loving, then I would choose the one with the money. But, as a bit of a twister, if the one who is broke/good in bed, genuinely cares about me and is supportive (emotionally) then I am all for him. Love and respect are key.
Wa Gine On Hey – Love and respect are very important in any relationship and may actually help a relationship to stay afloat, even in tough financial periods.
Rasta Browning – Personally, I won’t waste my time with somebody if they can’t fulfil my needs sexually…because I wouldn’t be stimulated. Been there, done that, moved on…never to go back there again).  As your girlfriend has done, if she can get both to work out fine without anybody getting hurt, it’s all good. I believe in letting people know the position they are in, so as to make an educated and informed decision.
Wa Gine On Hey – No matter how you look at it, sex is always a very integral part of any relationship and whether or not women care to admit, sometimes the human touch overrides a toy any day, hence that need to cheat!!
Leslie Boo – Well if it were me, I would see if there was any way that I could improve my sex life with guy no 1, the good provider. I would try to spruce up things in the bedroom and see if we could improve our sex life, before kicking him to the curb completely. There’s no good in throwing away a great man without first telling him the problems you’re having in the bedroom and trying to work on them as a couple. But if it’s a case of you ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ then I would move on to guy no 2 (good in bed) and enjoy myself with him while waiting for Mr Right to come along!
Wa Gine On Hey – I hate teaching dogs new tricks, but nothing matches a good provider. So I’m gonna have to agree that it may be best to work on the problem as a couple, but I certainly won’t be moving onto Mr. Broke!! Hell No.
Ole Girl – I may be a bit of a prude but keeping both is almost never the right choice to make. What about love? Is that outdated? I think a good family provider trumps a stud any day and truthfully, nobody is ever lacking in ALL areas.
Wa Gine On Hey – I’ve often heard old people say “Love is a myth”. They also tell their girl children – you can’t take love to the bank, and I agree with that!!
Sexy Browning – I don’t agree to having two men so both would never be my option, but there is always a third option and I would use that one ie NONE of the above. I made sure I have educated myself and have my own business to adequately provide for my family and there isn’t anyone that can give me sex better than I can give myself, and I don’t mind being a MYsexual.
Wa Gine On Hey – Yes there will always be those independent ladies, but not many at all. Kudos to you browning!!
Lord Percy – I would not be in this situation because I cannot imagine why I would be having sex with a man that is broke, so how would I ever know? Sex should take place within an emotionally committed relationship.
Wa Gine On Hey – The reality of life is sex takes place any and everywhere, not only in “emotionally committed relationships”, but money doesn’t grow on trees.
Lovely Lady – Hmmm…That one is definitely a toughie. Maybe sometimes we women should have our cake and eat it too.. Kudos to your friend.
Wa Gine On Hey – Men do it!! Need I say more.
Overseas Bajan – That’s a toughie! On one hand you can teach the man that is lacking how to have great sex but on the other hand I wouldn’t want someone who is broke and not looking for better. I would want the best of both worlds so if I’m being honest, I would get rid of both of them and find someone who is financially stable, if not for me for himself, but is also good in bed. He wouldn’t have to be great, we can be great together!
Wa Gine On Hey – A good provider that is also great in bed would always be the perfect combination for any woman on any given day.
Married Girl – Girl, sometimes you wish you could be Dr. Frankenstein and make the perfect man who had the best of both worlds, but even then you might end up with a monster! Keeping them both is not an option for me cause one man’s stress is too much, furthermore two! I guess it depends on where you are at in life, whether you need stability more than mind-blowing sex, or if you are independent and can take care of yourself and your well endowed gigolo.
Wa Gine On Hey – You hit the nail on the head, you can bet that you will end up supporting your “well endowed gigolo” once you are financially stable.
Goblin Queen – At the end of a great night of sex, bills and necessities are still required. So the human bank steps up. Unfortunately, the Human Bank will want to have sex too, so that’s where the disadvantage steps in, where I would have to suffer through that ordeal.
Wa Gine On Hey – Your concept of a human bank is indeed funny, but suffering through that ordeal is one I cannot fathom.
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