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Major shake-up at QEH on cards

Chris Gollop

Major shake-up at QEH on cards

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Changes are coming to the management structure of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), as Minister of Health Donville Inniss moves to put the lid on financial discrepancies and administrative hiccups there.
Speaking to the DAILY?NATION on Saturday, Inniss explained that since the management structure at the QEH had changed in 2005, there had not been a single published audited financial statement as required by law and this was simply not good enough.
“I have therefore instructed the board of management to review the management structure – both in terms of administration and the clinical aspects.
“My main concern is about the finance and administration of the hospital . . . . With regard to the finances, we currently have two major accounting firms engaged in the undertaking of audit work.
The minister explained that the general public seemed to be consumed with the idea of health care being “free”, but he wanted to make it clear that if the finances of the QEH were not properly addressed, then health care would be compromised.
“This is a major operation we are talking about and, after serious analysis, I have come to the conclusion that the structures put in place in 2005 are just about antiquated,” Inniss told the DAILY?NATION.
As such, he said the time had come to review the management structure, with the board already looking at what changes had to be made.
With regard to the board, the minister said the term of the current one will expire next month and a new one would immediately be put in place.
He lauded the commitment of the current board of directors and its dedication to the cause of providing the best care possible at the QEH, in the face of several challenges.