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Strange creature washes ashore

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Strange creature washes ashore

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COULD THIS BE the sea monster that fisherman Joel Brooker and his partner spotted at sea last November?
Whatever it was, it attracted dozens of residents yesterday as they descended on a section of the Silver Sands Beach in Christ Church to get a view of the huge, white unknown creature, which appeared to be dead.
Howard Kirton, a fisherman from the area, discovered it. He said around 11 a.m. he was about to go for a swim when he saw the creature.
Kirton said he alerted a few people nearby.
“I then called The NATION and the Fisheries Division,” he said.
As the waves lashed the creature, residents inched closer to get a good view and even photograph it. Some speculated that it was a dead whale.
 An official of the Coastal Zone Management Unit said when a team arrived “it was already washed out to sea” and therefore they were unable to identify it.
Above, curious residents getting a close look at the creature. (Picture by Nigel Browne.)