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Open file on a cheat

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Open file  on a cheat

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A MAN with a very silly tongue and charming personality whom friends once considered a really decent and caring husband is now speechless after a file belonging to him fell off a garbage truck in Warrens.
Now that the file has been found and opened, people are saying that this man is not clever at all. Rather,  they regard him as a sick, worthless, dirty, disrespectful old man.
Would you believe the file revealed that the only time this man was faithful to his dear, loving wife was the time spent on their honeymoon donkey years ago?
For 15 years he cheated on his wife with any hot, wild girl who could provide his sexual pleasures.
Everything is now in the open since a candle at one of his wining and dining sessions blew up in his face.
Police were called in and he barely escaped a holding cell.
Friends really feel sorry for his poor wife.
Shame on mum
THE SHAMEFUL MOTHER who works at an institution that looks after children’s welfare is certainly ensuring that she takes care of her grown-up son.
She had to receive a legal directive to cease her nuisance calls to the young lady who dumped her son.
But that was not enough to stop her from meddling in his affairs. She has been relentless in her pursuit to secure compensation for him because of a few cuts and bruises.
Where was she when he was saved from eating salty Ramen instant noodles every day and given a roof over his head? She should be thanking his saviour instead of trying to pull her down.
And who would believe that mother dear would take the low road and lie for her son about child support? She really believed he would get away from his daddy duties by her proclaiming that he had too many bills to pay?
She needs to stop him from playing so many Mafia Wars games and get him to clean up his pigsty so that his daughter can visit him.
But it seems  that no one will be able to stop this mother and all her childish games.
Torn between friends
RING THE BELL – the fight is on.
Friends of two former best friends forever are waiting to see which one will win the heart of the man who broke up their very close friendship.
The two popular women, who loved to dress up in brand-name clothes and hit the party scene every weekend, have been cussing out each other over a man who, by the way, does not have a very good reputation on the dating scene.
People cannot believe that a man broke up their very close friendship and now the two are at each other’s throats and exposing each other’s business. What a shame!
Their friends are so shocked over this development that none of them want to be caught in the middle.
The talk going around is that at the  end of the day neither will get the sweet-talking man because he will just move on to the next flavour of the month.
Singing old tune
That was the reaction when a certain calypsonian announced that he was not competing this year.
His many fans are tired of him coming out every year and saying that he is not competing, only to change his mind.
Some are saying he likes to size up the competition before he decides his move but, cuh dear, it is time to sing a different tune – if you are a king, act like one!

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