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ALTAR CALL: God warns first

Cheryl Harewood

ALTAR CALL: God warns first

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Before God sends judgment He sends warnings. But man’s heart has become so hardened that many no longer fear God, refuse to listen to His warnings and therefore suffer the consequences.
Preaching a message that it was not God’s wish for man to perish, Pastor Edwin Bullen told a crowd at Wotton playing field, Christ Church, on a bright, starry Friday night that despite man’s disregard for God, He “still cares for mankind and desires that man put his trust in Him”.
According to Bullen, as in the days of Noah when the people partied and refused to listen to God’s warning of a coming flood, God was also warning today’s world of His intended judgement.
Speaking during the last night of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies five-day open-air crusade, he said: “The people in Noah’s time were living it up and we are living in a world where people are doing whatever they like. However, there comes a time when God steps in.”
Bullen stressed that Noah had preached the same sermon.
“His message was You Need To Get Into The Ark. He declared the sermon as God asked him to, but only eight souls were saved . . . You may laugh and scoff at the testimonies, songs and messages which you hear but if there is one thing you should remember, it is that God is coming soon and one day you will stand before God.
“Sin is pleasurable, but only for a season,” he said, his voice echoing throughout the Wotton district.
He reminded the men, women and children gathered on the pasture that they were free to send themselves either to heaven or hell.
“You are the one who makes the choice. Every man and woman must decide where they will spend eternity. There is an appointment you must keep with death.
You cannot tell death to go and come again because it is appointed unto man once to die, and after that the judgement.”
At the close of the sermon some gave their lives to Christ while other accepted the invitation to pray.