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Can’t get enough

John Sealy

Can’t get enough

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Red Plastic Bag (RPB) had his loyal fans, but it was Adonijah who took the calypso artform up another notch with his cleverly written first song, Barbados X 2, when De Big Show opened its doors at the Plantation Theatre on Sunday night.
Adonijah, a former Road March king known for hits Woman and Ethiopian Rock, got the only spontaneous encore from the large audience.
The audience clearly identified with his lyrics that spoke to two Barbadoses – one where “good kaiso don’t get no recognition” and another in which “salsa does win the [calypso] crown”.
RPB, however, continues to excel as one of the island’s most loved entertainers and, from the response to his performance on Sunday, he proved that he was more than “once upon a wine”.
Above, RPB rocking with his fans to the song Once Upon A Wine during De Big Show’s 2011 opening night.