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Not a pleasant sight!

luigimarshall, [email protected]

Not a pleasant sight!

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Unsightly sites such as that above are all too commonplace these days.
This one runs along toward the cul-de-sac at Pleasant View in St Michael, overlooking St Stephen’s, Black Rock.
Impressive two-storey houses stand tall masking the ugliness that lies closely behind: coconut husks, felled tree trunks, discarded appliances and other rubbish, all accompanied by the stench of decaying animal flesh.
Police officers, who were in the area on another matter, said they had also found there evidence of copper burning and dogfighting.
Police said anyone found guilty of illegal dumping could be charged under the Health Act.
Sites – and sights – like this do not make Barbadians proud.
As accurately as this Nigel Browne picture shows the extent of the dumped garbage at Pleasant View, as fortunately it is unable to make readers any wiser of the smell. (CA)