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Head scarves: If you only rock one trend this summer

luigimarshall, [email protected]

Head scarves: If you only rock one trend this summer

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ONE of the current goals of consumers is finding high quality products which can serve multiple purposes. With everyone being budget conscious, having versatile pieces in the wardrobe is a must.
A scarf is one such thing. No longer are scarves being looked at for mature women only, it is now the trend for celebrities and women in general. No matter the size, a scarf can add visual presence to a bag, an outfit or neckline.
A head scarf made of a high quality Pashima, silk or similar fabric, especially one that has a generous amount of material (for rolling and folding), can be worn a variety of ways including the following options:
1 Wrapped around a hard pre-existing headband
If you have a hard time wearing a rolled scarf as a soft headband (because it slips off your head) you have the option to wrap it around a hard band first and wear it as a wrapped headband. The advantage of this method is that the hard band will grip hair better.
2 As a ponytail wrap.
This has been a popular fashion trend that pops up on a regular basis because it looks very sassy and Bohemian.
3 As a traditional head scarf
Great for bad hair days. It adds creativity and takes away from the dreary looks.
4 As a belt.
Fold a long oblong scarf to the desired width and then tie it around your waist as a belt. You can drape it lower on your hips to elongate the appearance of your torso. It is also great with your jeans, wearing inside the loop to substitute a belt.
5 Enhancing pocketbooks.
Nothing adds “umph” to a plain bag than a scarf, no matter the size (small, medium or large). Tying the scarf on the bag handle enhances it in a split second. Also, wearing a clutch to dinner or meeting the girlfriends? Insert a small scarf inside the purse and allow a small portion to hang through the side of the bag.
6 As a brooch. A small square scarf when nicely tied can be wrapped around and pinned to form a brooch on your outfit.
The important thing in choosing scarves are the shape, colours, print and fabric. Most of all make it fun and classy.
Prepared by Patrice Dacosta, image consultant