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DEAR CHRISTINE – Seems he wants his wife back

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Seems he wants his wife back

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Dear Christine,
I am one of those women who fell in love with a married man. I did not go after him, he came after me. At the time, he was separated from his wife.
Now, after almost two years together like man and wife, he has returned to his wife.
His excuse was that he could not get her out of his house and he was not prepared to let her enjoy the comforts of his labour.
Christine, I know from lots of other things that there is more than that.
He’s fretful with me and he spends a lot more time home than he needs to.
I asked him the last time he was with me if he ever gets free if he would marry me, and he said he would.
I know I should make a break, which is what you will probably tell me to do, and I’m trying. I just wanted to share my problem with you.
– A.
Dear A,
There is absolutely no doubt that this man’s wife has re-entered the picture.
Chances are, she was always in the picture, even when you were living together.
You are right in saying that I will tell you to make that break. In fact, you should make that break now – without delay.
You would be wise to make a new start with your own life.