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WHA REALLY GINE ON HEY? – Are all men fair game?

Carol-Ann Tudor

WHA REALLY GINE ON HEY? – Are all men fair game?

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PING!! Why do women believe that a man is “theirs”?! I’m totally confused as to why some women feel that they should cuss another woman if they find out she is involved with their boyfriend and seek to “get at her” instead of dealing with the man for his infidelities.
Given that marriage is “a little different” do you think (outside women) should respect those views and leave married men alone, or do you think that women should follow their hearts, whether or not the man already has a legal partner!!
Darkie Sweets – I don’t agree with having a married man because it’s a waste of time. At the end of the day he goes home to his wife. If he closes his eyes at any time the (Mrs.) gets everything. Women must stop cussing each other for their boyfriends. Men love to come into women lives knowing that they have a woman. Sometimes they say “I’m single” and when ya hear de shout, dem live in a house wid a woman. When the inside woman finds out, she calls the other woman and all hell breaks loose. The man obviously will say “he ain’t got she” and the outside woman will then talk him out. Women need to stop cussing the outside woman and deal with the men. It takes two hands to clap, not one. Men LOVE to taste other foods that are on the menu. No matter how good you look, how sweet you cook, how good you are in bed, he gine still horn ya, so take the horns. What goes around comes around.
Wa Gine On Hey – True dat girl, “tek de horn and ga long” instead of cussing out another woman. However, the (Mrs) doesn’t have to get everything – if he loves you enough he will set aside a personal bank account for you from early, cause if he leaves you in his will, wifey will surely fight you for it!!
Lady Joy – An outside woman in most cases goes by what the man is saying, like “he is moving out soon” or “they don’t get along well”, or “he just stays for the kids” and women hold on to that fairy tale. But on the flip side some outside women are wicked and deceitful – but some men allow this, leaving their “keep sakes” (personal girls or wives)  to handle nasty phone calls they get from the “mistresses”. Men don’t belong to us, but at the same time they are an investment and time is something you don’t get back. Once trust is broken it goes over to the next relationship. Too much people take marriage and relationships for granted. Having two men or two women is an extra job .We need to know when to let go.
Wa Gine On Hey – There are also quite a few wicked wives and girlfriends who, when they can’t get the “outside women” out of their skins, invent lies and “so called phone calls” as well to try to win “their” men back… So all women are wicked and devious at times.
Lisa Lou – Married men really should be off-limits, but human nature is a funny thing. Even the best of intentions can be tossed to the side when feelings are strong. Nevertheless, it really is best to stay away from married men as well as those who are in serious relationships. Easier said than done, I know. On the question of owning a man, lol girl, no one owns anyone. That concept is nothing but a joke. If your man cheats, I think you should take the issue up with your man and leave the outside woman alone. Why would any self-respecting wife or woman take that kind of noise to an outside woman? That’s giving the ‘OSW’ too much leverage in your life.
Wa Gine On Hey – Correct!!! Women who stoop so low as to quarrel with “outside women” make themselves look like nothing but fools to the outside woman and her friends – they need to stop that nonsense.
Pammie Boo – Women should take up the issue with the man and leave the other woman alone. After all, the man is who you have the relationship with. I am always puzzled as to why we women think that the man should be exempt from this and blame the other woman. It’s hard to say that the woman should respect the marriage vows and not entertain the married man, but single women believe that it’s not their place to respect the marriage, as they did not go to the church and make any vows or promises to anyone. Basically if your man cheats it’s his fault. It’s not even his wife’s fault – the fault is purely his.
Wa Gine On Hey – You certainly hit the nail on the head. Single women don’t carry out promises or owe anyone anything. What women need to do is make sure they are so good that their partners don’t need to look anywhere else for companionship….
Natty Dread – Follow your heart regardless! If the man wasn’t really available the outside woman wouldn’t have a chance. No woman can make a man cheat. The fact that the man is looking outside the relationship in the first place is merely evidence that there is already an issue in the relationship.
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